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Deodorize home living spaces, basements, crawl spaces, attics, and HVAC systems
Disinfect living spaces, basements, crawl spaces, and attics

Become a UPH Service Provider

Ultra Pure Home delivers products to you, the home service professional, to improve your value to your customers.


Ultra Pure Home has created a product line and system for the service professional to provide the best home deodorization and disinfection service in the market.


The UPH Pro products and UPH Pro System are safer and more effective than the other treatments available.

Increase Your Business Revenues

Reduce customer health issues caused by mold and bacteria by providing your customer with 99.9999% reduction in Bacteria and Fungi.
Help Real Estate Investors and Brokers increase home values and marketability by eliminating home odor issues and mold issues.
Increase your job profitability. Expect excellent Gross Profit per job.
Reduced down time with quicker job turn.
Low cost to startup or add to current service portfolio.

UPH Provides

Marketing Materials
Safety Training and Certification
Product and Pro System Training
Application Calculator
Technical Support
Special web site access to your protected account for product purchases and proprietary information.

Home Deodorization

Home Disinfection

UPH Pro System

What are the benefits of the Pro System?


Ultra Pure ClO2is a powerful oxidizer and deodorizer. It is an effective killing agent against a wide variety of dangerous microorganisms including the following and more:




Mold & Mildew



Sewer & Waste




Unlike other disinfectants and deodorizers, there are no corrosions at use levels. The patented Micro-reactor technology traps harmful by-products in a proprietary membrane so that only ultra pure ClO2 is released into solution or air resulting in lower corrosiveness.


Our technology is eco-friendly with no VOCs requiring no special disposal requirements.

What is UPH Pro System?

To deodorize, UPH Pro gas phase products should be applied to the treatment area to deodorize the treatment space.

To sanitize and disinfect surfaces and kill listed pathogens, Selectrocide® liquid products should be sprayed on surfaces.
EPA Registration No. 74986-5

UPH Pro products combined with the UPH Pro VF unit produce the most effective odor elimination by maximizing ClO2 gas generation and coverage.